5 arrested in Rishon Lezion stabbing

Father of suspect also detained on suspicion of providing son with fake alibi.

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Five suspects were under arrest Tuesday on suspicion of involvement in a Saturday night brawl in Rishon Lezion during which 18-year-old Tzahi Basha was stabbed to death. On Monday night police arrested a Be'er Ya'acov resident and his father. The youth, police say, was involved in the fight and they believe that the youth's father lied to police, offering a false alibi. The suspect's mother was released to house arrest but his father remained in detention and was set to be brought to court for an extension of remand. Two other suspects turned themselves in to the Shfela Subdistrict Police, accompanied by known criminal defense attorney Yoram Halevy. The two came prepared with testimony that they had been at the victim's house, but that they had not witnessed or been involved with the murder. Police were still searching for a number of other suspects involved in the fight, which allegedly broke out over a girlfriend of one of Basha's friends who had dated one of the suspects. The arrests came a day after Public Security Minister Avi Dichter released new data showing a decline in youth crime. But on Tuesday, a group of four mothers of young murder victims announced that they would be raising a tent outside of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office in protest of lax government policies against youth violence.