A busy 24 hours of crime

The following is a crime blotter of news released for publication Sunday.

The following is a crime blotter of news released for publication Sunday. • Just a few kilometers east of Jaljulya, in the Israeli Arab village of Kafr Bara, a man walked into a Postal Bank branch and robbed the cashier while firing gunshots into the air. He managed to get away, and by press time had still not been apprehended. • Further north, Galilee District Police chief Lt.-Cmdr. Menahem Hever and Nahariya chief Dep.-Cmdr. Benny Abalaya received death threats from mob boss Michael Mor, prompting police to provide them and their families with 24-hour security. Mor apparently orchestrated this latest threat from his jail cell, where he is serving time for being the head of a crime family. Four cops from Nahariya have been convicted of vigilantism for targeting Mor after the crime boss allegedly threatened them and their families. • In Jerusalem, Yechiel Bronski, 24, was sentenced to 39 months in jail for stabbing bouncers at the city's Concept bar in September 2008. After an altercation at the bar, the bouncers threw Bronski out of the club. A few moments later, Bronski, armed with a knife, ran back into the bar, stabbed one bouncer in the leg and tried to stab another in the stomach. Then he went outside and slashed the tires of the guard's car. He got away by driving like a madman, on a suspended license. Police wanted a longer sentence, arguing that Bronski's actions were an example of serious street violence and a knife culture that should be rooted out. But during his trial, Bronski expressed remorse for his actions, said the bouncers "drove him mad," and received a lighter sentence from the judges. • Police last week arrested a Haifa resident suspected of being a serial rapist who attacked at least four women. According to details released for publication Sunday, 39-year-old Victor Vasileyev is believed to have been responsible for a series of rapes in the past two years in the city's Hadar Elyon neighborhood. Police said he had confessed to several of the acts. • A minor was in moderate condition at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot on Sunday after being stabbed during an altercation the day before. The stabbing victim refused to cooperate with police who were trying to question him in his hospital bed. Two friends of the victim have been detained for questioning. They informed police that an argument had broken out between the victim and a man in his 20s in a public park in Rehovot. The suspect asked the victim to walk to a quiet corner with him. After 10 minutes, the two friends heard shouts and then saw their friend with knife wounds. The two rushed him to hospital. • Police arrested a 27-year-old from the Israeli Arab village of Arara on Sunday for allegedly robbing and sexually harassing tourists after giving them a lift in his car. • A man from Tel Aviv was arrested Sunday for stabbing his brother during an argument. • A man from Beit Dagan was found dead in a river this weekend, his hands chained. • A 40-year-old man was found dead on an Eilat street Sunday. Police are checking into the case. • A decayed male body was found near the Amal school in Taiba. A Magen David Adom emergency team arrived at the scene and confirmed the death. Circumstances remain unclear. • Friends of a youth who had drowned in the Kinneret attacked police vehicles at the scene while waiting for ambulances to take their friend's body away. • A 13-year-old boy from Netanya was caught breaking into several businesses in the city and stealing supplies. • Three youths from Ra'anana attacked policemen who had come to investigate a disturbance the youths had caused.