'A mortal blow to personal security'

Police say budget cut will have drastic effects in the immediate future.

The proposed NIS 1.4 billion cut to the Public Security Ministry was described by Police Commissioner Insp.-Gen. David Cohen as a "mortal blow to the personal security of every Israeli citizen." According to figures released Monday by the Israel Police, the reductions will have the following drastic effects in the immediate future:
  • 400 patrol cars will be taken off the road (NIS 50 million)
  • 1,500 officers will be laid off (NIS 300 million)
  • The Lahav 433 anti-organized crime unit will be dismantled (NIS 255 million)
  • 2 medium-sized police stations will be closed (NIS 90 million)
  • Border Police riot dispersal units will be dismantled (NIS 30 million)
  • Technological upgrades for crime fighting will be reduced (NIS 160 million)
  • Police station construction and renovation will be cancelled (NIS 80 million)
  • Patrol officer salaries will be reduced by 30%
  • Badly needed plans to recruit more police officers will be cancelled.