Al-Qaida targets three Israeli diplomats

Website lists their names, photographs under headline "Our enemies."

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bin laden 88
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Al-Qaida has recently marked three Israeli diplomats as targets for attack. The terrorist organization published the officials on a "hit-list" on one of their websites under the headline of "Our enemies." According to a Yediot Aharonot report, the Israelis were listed alongside other officials from the United States, Great Britain and Australia. The organization urged its operatives to attack the targets on the list. The Foreign Ministry reportedly took the threat very seriously and increased security for its representatives. Officials were certain that al-Qaida took the diplomats' photographs from the ministry's own official website and have decided to remove the pictures of all its representatives from their sites. Israeli and Jewish interests abroad have always been targets for attacks. The Israeli embassies, together with American ones, are considered the most secured in the world. In 1982, Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain Shlomo Argov was paralyzed in an assassination attempt that was accredited with sparking the war in Lebanon. In 1994, 85 people were killed and approximately 200 were wounded the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Aid Association's seven-story building was bombed in Buenos Aires. That attack was recently tracked down to Iran. The bombing came two years after an attack against the Israeli Embassy in the same city, killing 29 people.