Alleged killers of cop-turned-assassin indicted

An indictment against the alleged shooters of cop-turned-assassin Tzahi Ben-Or was filed in Tel Aviv District Court Thursday. Eran Hiyeh and Gadi Hazan were arrested a month ago. Ben-Or was killed about two years ago in Mexico after the state declined to use him as a state witness against the Perinian brothers. Police suspect Hiyeh and Hazan were sent by the Perinians and killed Ben-Or while guests in his house. The two apparently also tried to stab Ben-Or's Columbian girlfriend but she managed to escape, Army Radio reported. The indictment was based on the testimony of the girlfriend who was flown to Israel by the police. Police sources also said they were investigating whether other crime families had launched a manhunt for their witness and even paid private investigators to locate the safe house she has been staying in.