Anat Kamm's hearing begins today

Espionage suspect's court case will be held in a closed-door session.

anat kam 311 (photo credit: Channel 2)
anat kam 311
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Tel Aviv District Court has decided to hear Anat Kamm's case in a closed door session, Israel Radio reported Monday.
Kamm, who has been accused of espionage - having illegally copied and leaked 2,000 military documents- stated on her way to court, that she "has nothing to say as of now," and that she will leave her case in her lawyer's hands.
refuses special hearing for Anat Kamm
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After being held under house-arrest for 5 months, Kamm told reporters today that she is feeling great. "Today I left my house, so it's a good day."
According to the Shin Bet, the nearly 2,000 documents that Kamm passed on to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau, were copied during the time she served in the bureau of OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh, which lasted from 2005 until her discharge in 2007.
The Shin Bet probe that named her as the leak began after the publication of two articles in Haaretz - the first in late October 2008, which accused the IDF of defying a Supreme Court ruling against killing wanted Palestinian terrorists who could have been captured alive.
The next article, in November 2008, suggested that the military had unilaterally loosened its rules of engagement and marked terrorists for assassination.
Kamm was identified by the Shin Bet as the source of the leak in late 2009, and she has been under house arrest since December.
An indictment was filed against her in January 2010.