Barak discusses Schalit in Egypt

Comes after Mubarak says world must treat Iranian nuclear program like Israel’s.

Barak meets with Mubarak in Egypt (photo credit: GOP)
Barak meets with Mubarak in Egypt
(photo credit: GOP)
DefenseMinister Ehud Barak met Egyptian officials in Sharm e-Sheikh Wednesday for “comprehensive,deep and productive talks,” focusingon the peace process with the Palestinians and the issue of captured IDFsoldier Gilad Schalit, the Defense Ministry said.

Barak held separate meetings with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, his Egyptian counterpart Hussein Tantawi and Egyptianintelligence chief Omar Suleiman.

The meeting comes after Mubarak on Tuesday night said the worldmust treat the Iranian nuclear program like Israel’s


“All the attention the international community is giving tothe Iranian program must take into account a similar approach to Israel'snuclear capabilities,” Army Radio quoted the Egyptian leader as saying.

He added that, “even though we openly reject Iran’s stanceand actions in the region, we are against military action against it.”

Mubarak added that Teheran had the right todevelop nuclear capabilities, but the onus was on the Islamic republic to showthat its nuclear program is designed for peaceful means only.

“The cannot surviveanother crisis, which will not only lead the whole region into a catastrophicsituation, but would also threaten world peace and security,” he asserted.


Barak will return to Israel on Wednesday evening.