Ben-Dror reenacts children's murder

Police return with father to Netanya home where murder occurred.

Netanya Murder 311 (photo credit: Channel 10)
Netanya Murder 311
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Itai Ben-Dror, 38, arrested for the murder of his three pre-teenage children, reenacted the crime for police on Monday, showing investigators how the last moments of his children’s lives played out.
Ben-Dror was led to the murder scene at his Netanya home on Monday by six detectives while both his hands and feet were cuffed. Out of fear that someone would try to harm him, police had him wear a bulletproof vest and deployed dozens of officers to secure the neighborhood. When he exited the apartment with police, he was bombarded with slurs and insults from irate neighbors.
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The reenactment was attended by the heads of the central district of the YAMAR special investigative unit, who followed Ben-Dror through the apartment as he replayed his version of events.
A central district officer told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that Ben-Dror expressed no regret whatsoever and appeared to be completely bereft of emotion throughout the reenactment.
“He was completely calm and didn’t say a single word of regret or remorse. The only thing he cared about, the only thing he asked was that he be able to grab a change of clothes from the house,” the officer said.
While the officer would not divulge whether Ben-Dror revealed new details about the crime or changed his version of events, the officer said investigators believe he carefully plotted the crime over the past two or three weeks.
Ben-Dror had recently been released from a stay of several months at a psychiatric hospital, and had made six known suicide attempts. He was also the subject of complaints lodged by his ex-wife, the mother of the three children, who said he repeatedly had threatened her.
Ben-Dror was taken to the Ramle Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where his remand was extended by 10 days. Against the wishes of police, the judge called for a psychological evaluation to gauge Ben-Dror’s fitness to stand trial and awareness of his actions.