Benny Sela chase cost NIS 36 million

Serial rapist indicted for Nov. escape, crimes committed while on the run.

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The police chase and capture of serial rapist Benny Sela cost the state NIS 36 million, sources said Sunday morning, as the Tel Aviv District Attorney's office submitted an indictment against Sela for his escape and crimes he committed while on the run. Sela has been charged with escaping detention, auto theft, using a car without permission, breaking-in and attacking a police officer. The convicted rapist escaped from custody in November 2006 while serving a 35-year, nine-month sentence for multiple counts of rape and sexual assault. He was caught by police just south of Nahariya after two weeks on the run. A series of civilian tips helped police pinpoint the elusive escapee. Following Sela's recapture in December, police set up investigative teams to examine how the fugitive had managed to escape so easily and evade capture for so long.