Berlin-Jerusalem partnership nixed

A German proposal to create a partnership between the cities of Berlin and Jerusalem, as part of the burgeoning relations between the two countries, has been abandoned because the German government does not recognize Israel's reunification of Jerusalem, Israeli and German officials said Thursday. The original idea to create such a partnership was the brainchild of the state parliament in Berlin as part of a series of events marking 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The plan quickly hit a snag and has since been shelved because Germany, like most countries, does not recognize the unification of Jerusalem, German Embassy spokesman Christoph Blosen said Thursday. In addition, the city of Jerusalem, in contrast to virtually all other Israeli cities, does not have a twin city partnership with any other city in the world due to its uniqueness, Jerusalem municipality spokesman Gidi Schmerling affirmed. Still, the German decision to cancel the proposal has led to disappointment in Jerusalem, since Germany is viewed as one of Israel's closest allies in Europe. "This was a case of good intentions which led somewhere else," the German Embassy spokesman said.