Body of missing hiker identified

Eran Galil's family confirms body found by rescue teams in Judean Desert is of their missing son.

Judean Desert 224.88 (photo credit: Foreign Ministry)
Judean Desert 224.88
(photo credit: Foreign Ministry)
The family of missing hiker Eran Galil on Sunday evening identified a body of a young man found by search teams at the bottom of a 100-meter abyss near Nahal Arugot in the Judean Desert in the afternoon as their son, who had been missing since Thursday. After several hours of difficulties because of the difficult terrain, police retrieved the body. On Sunday, members of numerous search and rescue teams, reinforced by some 100 volunteers, renewed efforts to locate Galil in the Judean Desert. The 22-year-old Gedera resident, whose car was found parked at the entrance to the Nahal David Nature Reserve near Ein Gedi several days ago, last contacted his family on Thursday via a text message. The search, ranging from the area of Nahal Hever to Ein Gedi, was being conducted by teams from Ein Gedi, Megilot, Gush Etzion and even Eilat. Meanwhile, search units reported they had contacted two individuals who had corresponded with Galil on an internet trekking forum, and garnered information as to a possible route Galil might have taken.