Border policemen come under fire north of Jerusalem

Border policemen come un

Palestinians opened fire on a Border Police guard post near the village of Abu Dis, north of Jerusalem, early Wednesday morning, prompting officers inside to return fire, Jerusalem police said. No injuries were reported in the attack, and a Border Police force was dispatched to search the area, but no arrests were made. "Early this morning, an officer came under fire during guard duty," a Border Police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. "He took cover before he and other officers were able to return fire, but the terrorist, or terrorists, managed to escape." While the spokesman said that the threat of violence in the area always exists, there had been no warning of an impending terrorist strike. "But an investigation has been opened into the matter," he said. "We'll know soon enough exactly what happened." Also on Wednesday, police sappers dismantled a pipe bomb planted near a Border Police station close to the east Jerusalem village of Jebl Mukaber. No injuries were reported in the incident.