Boy, 11, faints trying to imitate TV contestant

A Haifa fifth-grader was evacuated to a local hospital on Sunday afternoon after he stopped breathing and fainted while trying to imitate one of the contestants on magician Uri Geller's reality show. He was treated for bruises to the forehead and chin and listed lightly injured. In an interview to Army Radio, the boy's uncle, Itzik Elezra, urged a restriction on the age of viewers for Geller's program. "I think the segment [on the show] where a person stopped his pulse could lead kids to do all sorts of silly things. What happened today could have been a catastrophe," Elezra said. "There was no warning that the show is not appropriate for children." The show's producers said in response that the tricks performed on the show were executed by people with "special abilities", and therefore viewers are asked not to attempt to try them at home.