Convicts going free early due to errors

Report shows 17 prisoners released before sentences up over past two yrs.

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Dozens of convicts across the country have been released from prison early over the past few years due to errors made by the Israel Prisons Service, Army Radio reported on Monday morning. In the past two years, six prisoners from the Carmel Prison were freed a year before their sentences ended, the report said, and about eight Kishon prisoners were released half a year early in the past year. Another three were released from the Shata Prison four months early. The errors were discovered approximately three weeks ago, shortly after yet another prisoner went free before the end of his sentence. Police and prison wardens then went to the man's house and rearrested him. One error came to light when a plaintiff in court saw a man in the courtroom whom he himself had charged and who should have been in prison, the report said. Further investigation revealed that the man had been freed half a year early due to mistakes in the system. The IPS admitted that human error had led to early prisoner releases in a number of cases over the past two years. In light of the errors, IPS Chief Warden Benny Kaniak has set up a special team to educate those involved on how to handle freeing prisoners, since a large part of the errors purportedly stem from a lack of understanding regarding the court sentences.