'Doctors may get manslaughter charge'

In latest twist in Romanian fertility clinic scandal, it emerges that teenager died from treatment.

Romanian prosecutors could seek to add a manslaughter charge to the indictment against the Israeli doctors suspected of involvement in running an illegal fertility clinic in Bucharest, Army Radio reported Tuesday. The report came after it emerged that a 17-year-old died three years ago of complications related to the treatment she received at the Sabyc clinic. Although the chief suspect in the teen's death is a Romanian doctor, the Israelis' involvement is being examined. On Monday, clinic owner Harry Meron was remanded for another month, and on Tuesday the court was due to discuss the extension of the injunction banning two other suspects, Prof. Nathan Levitt and Dr. Genya Ziskind, from leaving the country. On the weekend, the court accepted an appeal for the release of Meron's son, Yair, from custody, agreeing with his lawyers that he was not likely to influence the investigation. The judges accepted that Yair's connection to the case was tenuous, since he dealt mostly with plastic surgery. Nevertheless, he is still banned from leaving Romania. The doctors are suspected of paying Romanian women to donate their eggs to the clinic.