Dozens of Arabs to be indicted for rioting

State prosecutors are set to indict dozens of Arab youths for their suspected role in violent incidents and demonstrations against the IDF operation in Gaza, police said on Wednesday. The 20-year-old resident of Baka al-Gharbiya who is suspected of running down and lightly injuring a police officer last week will be indicted on Thursday at the Haifa District Court. Ten additional Arab suspects will be indicted tomorrow and dozens more in the coming days, police said, adding that the suspects faced a range of charges, including taking part in a violent disturbance, rock throwing, tire burning, and other offenses. On Tuesday night, Galilee police arrested 15 suspected Arab rioters, eight adults and five minors, from the villages of Nahaf, Dir al-Assad, and Jadida. Since Saturday, 155 suspects have been arrested by police in the northern district, and 126 remain in custody. A total of 330 Israeli Arabs have been arrested across the country for taking part in violent incidents, mostly from the North and Jerusalem, and 200 remain in custody. Fifty-six police officers have been injured in recent days while dealing with violent disturbances. Police say they will continue to crack down on illegal demonstrations while allowing approved, peaceful protests to go ahead. Also on Tuesday, 800 students demonstrated for and against the IDF operation at Haifa's Technion. Police detained seven protesters, eventually releasing them. Earlier, 400 students from both camps demonstrated at the University of Haifa. No arrests or violent incidents were reported by police.