Eda Haredit head passes away in Jerusalem

Rabbi Yosef Sheinberger, whose name was synonymous with the Eda Haredit practically since the founding of state of Israel, passed away in Jerusalem Wednesday after a protracted illness. Sheinberger was a dominant force in the virulently anti-Zionist Edah Haredit whose pragmatic but uncompromising policy was respected, though not always shared, by the majority of haredi Jewry. "Yosef Sheinberger was the Edah Haredit and the Edah Haredit was Sheinberger," said Shmuel Popenheim, editor of Ha'edah, the official weekly mouthpiece of the Eda Haredit. "He was the one who enlisted the rabbis, he was the one who led the struggles against Shabbat desecration and immodesty, he was the one who did the fundraising abroad." Sheinberger's family was directly related to the Tzanz hassidic dynasty. Sheinberger, who was in his 90s, was the grandfather of Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, Chairman of ZAKA.