Eldad barred from Knesset for a day for hinting Olmert deserves death

The Knesset Ethics Committee on Tuesday barred MK Aryeh Eldad (NRP/NU) from the Knesset plenum for a day for comments hinting that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was a traitor whose actions were punishable by death under Israeli law. On May 26, during the meeting of the Golan Heights Forum, Eldad declared that "whoever gives up parts of the country should be sentenced to death." Eldad said that he was merely quoting a law and handed out a highlighted copy of clause 97B of the criminal code of 1977, which states that 'Anyone who intentionally caused any territory to leave control of the state or to fall under the authority of a foreign country, or an action that could cause such, his fate is death or life imprisonment.' The committee said Eldad's comments were severe, unfair and dangerous.