Evidence of 2nd Katsav rape revealed

Report: 'Tourism Ministry A' gives police medical documents proving rape.

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New evidence came to light on Monday in the rape case against President Moshe Katsav, a day after an additional charge was added to his indictment. Attorney General Menahem Mazuz decided to add the charge to the indictment draft following a police investigation Katsav underwent, when a new complaint was pressed against him. According to the charges, Katsav raped an employee in the Tourism Ministry when he was holding a ministerial position there. The evidence recounts that nine years ago, the accuser arrived in a Jerusalem hotel where Katsav was also staying. According to Army Radio, Katsav allegedly brutally raped her, causing her injuries in intimate body parts. Later, she was taken to hospital for treatment, was hospitalized and even had to undergo surgical procedures. The woman, who kept the incident secret until recently from everyone except two close friends, decided to reveal her medical documents to police investigators, the radio reported. Katsav's attorney, Zion Amir, said it was inconceivable that a person who was raped would return to work in the same office with the person who raped them. "Would someone who experienced rape return to meet the rapist?" Amir said. Avraham Lavie, one of the lawyers on the president's team, told Army Radio on Monday morning that if the evidence were so concrete, it was surprising that they were given to the defense. "The evidence does not support A.'s claim. On the contrary, it makes A.'s version weaker. The two confidantes to whom she allegedly told about the event in real time - this is also untrue," Lavie said.