Farmer Shai Dromi's trial opens

Defense attorney objects to indictment claiming inaccurate facts.

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Farmer Shai Dromi's trial opened Thursday morning in the Beersheba District Court with a reading of the indictment against him. Dromi was arrested in December and charged with manslaughter, possession of an illegal weapon and causing damage, after shooting at and killing a Beduin trespasser on his property.
  • New bills permit shooting burglars Dromi did not respond however in court to Thursday morning's indictment. His attorney, Beni Nahari, claimed the prosecution's charges were not accurate, since the first indictment filed against Dromi claimed that four trespassers entered the farm, whereas the indictment at the time of trial read that there were only two. The defense attorney objected saying that the court had two different versions of one story. The next court hearing is in one month's time. Dromi's arrest sparked numerous protests among southern residents and approximately 1,000 demonstrators gathered Monday outside Jerusalem's High Court of Justice calling for Dromi's release.