Forces catch would-be Syrian infiltrator

Unarmed suspect, 24, claims he was seeking medical care in Israel.

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A Syrian citizen who was caught Friday evening attempting to infiltrate Israel from Syria told authorities that he was seeking medical care. Security forces were scrambled to the border fence near Aloni Bashan in the Golan Heights after they were alerted to a possible infiltration. IDF and Border Police forces began conducting sweeps, aided by Beduin trackers. Shortly thereafter, a local resident reported that he had seen the suspect. Security forces arrived on the scene and arrested him. When questioned, the Syrian man, 24, said he suffered from a number of medical problems and had hoped to receive treatment in Israel. Investigators said that the man was not carrying a gun or any other kind of weapon, and they believed his intentions were benign. The suspect was transferred to the custody of the Israel Police for further interrogation.