Four Israelis killed in NJ plane crash

Single-engine plane apparently exploded in mid-air north of Atlantic City.

Four Israelis were killed on Wednesday in a plane crash some 60 kilometers north of Atlantic City in New Jersey, it was revealed on Thursday. The four - Ronald and Rachel Ziv, and David and Keren Nimrod - were flying in a single-engine Piper plane, when it apparently exploded in mid-air. The plane then crashed in a wooded area, where the bodies of all four passengers were found strapped to their seats. A witness said that she heard a large explosion in the air, followed shortly after by pieces of the plane falling from the sky. The debris reportedly fell on homes and a local highway in the town of Stafford. The Foreign Ministry, together with the local Israeli consulate were investigating the reports. Rachel Ziv's family contacted the consulate on Thursday evening to arrange for the return of their loved one's body to be buried in Israel, Army Radio reported. The date and location of the funerals were not yet revealed.