'H. said Ramon did nothing wrong'

PMO secretary: H. invited former minister to join her on trip to Costa Rica.

tanned haim ramon 298 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
tanned haim ramon 298
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Sima Galili, a secretary in the Prime Minister's Office, told Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Wednesday that former justice minister Haim Ramon's accuser had told Ramon that she couldn't resist him and had invited him to join her on a trip to Costa Rica. Galili, who was the only one present for the conversation, said in her testimony that she was shocked to hear H. speaking that way to Ramon. In her words, she knew H. to be free with her speech, but never around ministers.
  • Olmert's military attache: 'I convinced H. to complain about Ramon' According to Israel Radio, Galili added that she had seen "no tears" in H.'s eyes after Ramon allegedly kissed her. The court also heard the testimony of Shula Zaken, the prime minister's bureau chief, who said that Ramon's accuser had told her the minister hadn't hurt her or done anything wrong. Zaken said the complainant, H., had only told her about the incident, in which Ramon allegedly kissed the 21-year-old female soldier by force, a week after the fact. She said H. had insisted she didn't want to file a complaint, but had entreated Zaken to speak to the justice minister and convince him not to do the same to other women. According to Zaken, H. said she would not reveal Ramon's identity if she were questioned by police. Zaken told the court that after filing the complaint, H. came to her in great agitation, saying that she had had no choice but to complain according to army regulations. About Ramon, Zaken said the minister was "admired" among women, and that he acted like a "mischievous boy" and couldn't keep his distance from his subordinates. The judge presiding over the discussion said that there was no discrepancy between the indictment sheet and accuser's testimony. Earlier this week, another co-worker of H.'s at the Prime Minister's Office also said H. had told her she had no intention of filing a complaint against Ramon.