Habayit Hayehudi decides on leader today

Last week, in a controversial surprise move, three non-politicians were chosen as finalists.

yaakov amidror (photo credit: Channel 1)
yaakov amidror
(photo credit: Channel 1)
The head of the new Habayit Hayehudi Party will be chosen Monday by the fledgling party's public council. Last week, in a controversial surprise move, three non-politicians were chosen as finalists for the right-wing party's leadership: Prof. Rabbi Danny Hershkovitz, a mathematician from the Technion; Avi Wartzman, an educator from Beersheba; and Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, the administrative head of the rabbinical courts. However, opposition to the move was so strong that the council agreed to add a fourth candidate, Ofra Rabbi Avi Giser, who is also chairman of the State Religious School Council. In parallel, pressure has been building to convince Brig.-Gen. (res.) Ya'acov Amidror to lead the party. So far, Amidror has resisted these attempts. \ Sources close to him say that one of the reasons is his wife's opposition. On the Knesset Channel, Amidror said that in addition to personal reasons, he was also prevented from becoming chairman of the party because he was already serving as chairman of the public council, which is supposed to choose the Knesset list. When asked if the decision was final, he replied, "For the time being." Also, attempts have been made to bring back former National Religious Party MK Shaul Yahalom. Supporters of Habayit Hayehudi fear that if the party is headed by a relatively unknown personage with little or no political experience, it will fail miserably at the polls. This is especially true since the Likud is successfully incorporating several right-wing politicians.