Hackers threaten Livni on Kadima web site

Computer hackers post violent photos, anti-Israel messages, slogans in Arabic on party's Web site.

Livni shoot myself in the head 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
Livni shoot myself in the head 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
The Kadima Party Web site was temporarily inaccessible late Wednesday night, after hackers posted offensive photos and anti-Israel slogans and made apparent threats on the life of party head Tzipi Livni. The hackers posted a photograph of a man lying in a hospital bed, with the caption "This is [former prime minister Ariel] Sharon's case." Underneath, the hackers displayed a photo of Livni, with the threatening caption "We promise you - we're coming." A photo depicting the aftermath of a terrorist attack, as well as a photo of a beheaded child, were posted on the site, with the caption "Israel will continue to defeat our women and children." On the site's home page the hackers wrote, 'Gaza hacker,' along with slogans in Arabic, including, "God will defeat Israel." They also hacked into Livni's personal blog. Hackers from the Gaza Strip took credit for the incidents and called Livni "the Israeli minister of war." The Kadima Web site was also hacked during Operation Cast Lead.