Hebrew University student diagnosed with measles

An international relations student at the Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem was diagnosed with the measles, causing the Health Ministry to issue an warning to all those who were in contact with him and have not been vaccinated (or who have not had the infectious disease) to go to their nearest district health office. The student was diagnosed early on Saturday in the emergency room of Hadassah University Medical Center nearby on Mount Scopus. He attended classes when still infectious last Monday and Tuesday in the social sciences faculty. The dean of studies will contact those who were in the same classes with him, but the ministry calls on students who were there on the same days to go with their immunization booklets to the nearest district health office to determine whether they need a shot. There have been over 850 cases of measles in the country over the last half year, with most of them in Jerusalem. In a minority of cases, it can cause serious complications.