Herzliya mayor calls for gay parades in all cities

Following a decision by Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz on Monday that the Gay Pride Parade would be held in Jerusalem, Herzliya mayor Yael Gelman called on her colleagues to hold pride parades in their cities, as well. "We want to call on all mayors to go to Jerusalem and march together with the marchers in the pride parade," she told Army Radio. "How could it even be imagined that violence could prevent an elementary right like this in the state of Israel? If we're concerned, let's go home. No public figure who fears threats has a right to [public office]." Former Shas leader Arye Deri responded angrily to Gelman's statements. "To go and take something that's forbidden by the Torah - and the Torah of Israel forbids these acts, it calls it an abominable act - and ... come and do these abominable acts, and say that we'll march and we're proud of these abominable acts, this is a provocation against the religious Jewish community," he said.