Home Front instructions to the public

Citizens living in the confrontation line are requested to stay in shelters.

homefront command 88 (photo credit: )
homefront command 88
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Citizens living north of the Acco road - Amidar Junction line, and those living in Karmiel, Tiberias, Haifa, the Krayot region, Acre, Nesher, Carmel and Tirat Carmel are requested to stay in the secured rooms or in interior rooms (far away from openings such as windows and from exterior walls) in their apartments. Residents of Nazareth, Upper Nazareth, Migdal Haemek, and Kiryat Tivon should also remain inside. Residents of the aforementioned areas should not hold gatherings, and no activities for children or youth will take place in these areas including summer camps. The residents of these areas can go to work, assuming that they are working in enclosed spaces and that there are secured rooms or shelters in their places of work. Regarding the areas south of Haifa: the residents of these areas are to continue with their daily rutine as usual. The warning system will provide time for them to take the following measures:
  • Upon hearing an explosion or a siren, those inside buildings must immediately enter secured or other interior rooms.
  • Those who find themselves outdoors should enter a nearby building or stairwell, take shelter against a wall, or even lie on the ground.
  • Those in cars at the time of an alarm must immediately leave their vehicle (taking care not to block the road for emergency services) and enter a stairwell or seek other sort of cover. "When the siren is sounded you will have less than a minute to get into underground shelters and secure rooms," Home Front Commander Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Gershon said on Monday. The public is urged to listen to the media for additional instructions, to call the Home Front information center at 1207 or to go to the Home Front Command's website . TV Channel 33 will broadcast the Home Front Command instructions every hour on the hour. Emergency numbers:
  • Home Front Command: 1207
  • Haifa Municipality: 1212-466-106
  • Tiberias Municipality: 04-673-9632
  • Rambam hospital: 125-5144
  • Rambam fax: 04-854-3420
  • Bnei Zion hospital: 125-5145
  • Bnei Zion fax numbers: 04-835-9306
  • Karmel Hospital: 125-5142