Husband shoots wife; commits suicide

Incident reportedly follows heated argument; couple's son first on the scene.

murder rehovot 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 10)
murder rehovot 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 10)
A Rehovot couple, Yitzhak and Lily Tzoref, were found dead in their apartment Monday morning in what police believe was the latest case in which a husband murdered his wife and then killed himself. According to initial reports, Yitzhak, 68, a well-known Rehovot businessman who was a partial owner of a banquet hall, called his daughter early in the morning and told her of an argument he had with his wife, Lily, over breakfast. A short while later, Lily, who was the manager of a radiology clinic, also apparently called her daughter to tell her about the tensions. The concerned daughter called her older brother, asking him to go to their parents' house to try and reconcile the two. But it was her younger brother, a policeman, who arrived on the scene first. Both members of the couple were found dead, suffering gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. Police said they believe the husband shot his wife and then himself with his licensed handgun. Hours later, Yitzhak's shocked brother said this was simply the latest example of why no citizen should need to keep firearms in their home. Had a gun not been at hand, he said, the tragic incident could have been averted. Police said the family had no known prior history of domestic violence or complaints.