IAA: We will let airlines move flights forward

The Israel Airport Authority (IAA) announced that it would make "all possible efforts" to allow airline companies to move flights forward to Wednesday night, when, despite the general strike, Ben Guryon airport will still be working. "The IAA will make every possible effort to assist passengers and airline companies," IAA CEO Gabi Ophir said. "[Thursday's] strike is especially problematic because religious flyers will be forced to wait until after Shabbat in order to fly." "I call upon the chairman of the Histadrut to persist in the path he has chosen, and to keep the airport out of the strike - at least until after Shabbat," Ophir said. On Thursday, generally the busiest day of the week at Ben Gurion, 47,000 people are expected to arrive and depart from the airport on a total of approximately 280 flights. 50,000 additional passengers are expected to pass through Ben Gurion over the weekend.