IAF strikes weapons cache in Gaza

Other target includes tunnels dug near Rafah; Palestinians claim power was cut.

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The IAF resumed its attacks in the Gaza Strip early Saturday morning, striking a building in which it said weapons were stored. It also struck an area in the southern Gaza Strip near the Egyptian border in which tunnels were dug to smuggle weapons and terror suspects. Palestinian sources claimed that the attack struck power lines, cutting the electrical supply to Rafah. Infantry and armored forces have been mobilizing in the Gaza Strip again on Saturday morning, after having pulled out on the previous day. The pullout marked the end to a two-day operation that resulted in the deaths of some 30 Palestinians. Earlier, IAF fighter jets hit a metal workshop in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, wounding nine people, including two children, hospital officials said. Nearby buildings were also damaged, and rescue workers were searching through the rubble. The IDF said the target was a weapons storehouse. The army had said its withdrawal Friday was temporary and did not mean its month-long offensive in the Gaza Strip was over.