IDF captures key Jihad man in Jenin

Soldiers from elite unit refuse to take part in the Jenin raid.

islamic jihad 298.88 (photo credit: )
islamic jihad 298.88
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Iyad Hussein Abu Al-Roub, 31, head of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin, responsible for the Hadera suicide bomb attack and was in the midst of planning further attacks in Israel, surrendered to security forces in Jenin late Wednesday after 16 hours. His partner Fares Khader Abu Roub, also surrendered to troops, both left the building that had been surrounded by security forces, carrying a white flag. Following the operation, OC Central Command Maj.Gen. Yair Naveh ordered that three soldiers of an elite IDF unit together with their commanding officer be temporarily suspended from military operations for refusing to participate in the widespread raid in Jenin on Wednesday. Prior to setting out on the mission, the four soldiers informed their commander that they were unable to participate in the raid, as they feared for their lives. They explained to their commander that their feelings stemmed from a recent operation the four participated in which was carried out under constant Palestinian gunfire. While the rest of their unit participated in the Jenin operation the four remained behind. Naveh ordered an in depth investigation into the soldiers' behavior. In November 2003, Al-Roub was appointed commander of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin, taking over from Amjad Abeidi, the planner of the Maxim restaurant suicide bomb attack in Haifa, who was also arrested by security forces. According to security officials, Al-Roub maintained contact with Islamic Jihad operatives in Syria who also supplied him with the necessary funding for his activities. In recent months the Israeli security establishment received intelligence information regarding Al-Roub's activities and his involvement in the infrastructure responsible for numerous attacks against Israeli targets. A history of attacks Al Roub was responsible for:
  • Suicide bomb attack at Sde Trumot in June 2003 in which an Israeli was killed.
  • Attempted car bomb attack that was thwarted by security forces in September 2003.
  • Suicide bomb attack at a Yokne'am school which was thwarted by security forces.
  • Attempted suicide bomb attack in Jerusalem that was thwarted by security forces in April 2004.
  • Failed attempt to launch a bomb attack at a restaurant located at a Jordan Valley gas station in July 2004.
  • The Stage nightclub bombing in February this year in which four Israelis were killed and over 50 wounded.
  • Hadera suicide bomb attack in which six Israelis were killed. The operation conducted by IDF forces and elite Border Police units in Jenin started before dawn on Wednesday. One Palestinian was killed and twelve wounded in a day marred with violent clashes between Palestinians and security forces operating against the terror infrastructure. Three members of an elite undercover Border Police unit were lightly wounded during gun battles in the city. Later it became apparent that the three were wounded by ricochets from their own gunfire while shooting at Palestinian gunmen. During the day, shots were fired and stones and firebombs were thrown at security forces, who, in a number of instances were forced to respond with tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the Palestinian mobs. At first Palestinian reports claimed that Salah Foukra, 24, was unarmed when he was shot and killed by IDF gunfire. Later however, media reports claimed he was a member of the Fatah Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. Two of the 12 Palestinians wounded were said to be in serious condition. The Palestinian News Network said that up to seventy armored vehicles entered the city and camp in the early morning hours. During the day troops blew up a five storey technology center owned by the Jenin municipality claiming wanted fugitives were hiding inside. The reports also claimed that security forces surrounded the Yehiyeh Ayash building and that bulldozers were beginning to demolish it.