IDF discovers bomb factory in Jenin

Troops find mortar shells, explosives, and IDF equipment inside the factory.

idf soldiers w guns 88 (photo credit: )
idf soldiers w guns 88
(photo credit: )
The IDF confirmed reports that a large bomb factory had been uncovered by troops operating in Jenin on Tuesday evening. Soldiers had surrounded a house in Jenin as part of the ongoing clampdown on the Islamic Jihad infrastructure in the city. Hours later, they uncovered the factory, which was subsequently blown up by security forces. The troops found mortar shells, large amounts of explosives, components for making explosives, and IDF equipment inside the factory. Late Wednesday, troops in Jenin arrested Iyad Hussein Abu Al-Roub, 31, head of the Islamic Jihad in the city. He was responsible for the Hadera suicide bomb attack and was in the midst of planning further attacks in Israel. Al-Roub surrendered to security forces after a 16-hour-siege. His partner, Fares Khader Abu Roub, also surrendered to troops. Both left the building carrying a white flag. The operation conducted by IDF forces and elite Border Police units in Jenin started before dawn on Wednesday. One Palestinian was killed and twelve were wounded in violent clashes between Palestinians and security forces. Three members of the elite undercover unit were lightly wounded by ricochets from their own gunfire while shooting at Palestinian gunmen.