IDF frees fettered fawn

Troops find "Bambi" during a late night operation in the Jordan Valley.

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The IDF found "Bambi" during a late-night operation in the Jordan Valley on Wednesday night after troops from the Netzah Yehuda Battalion - also known as Nahal Haredi - found a fawn tied to a post next to a Beduin tent. The soldiers contacted nature reserve inspector Assaf Kaplan, who ordered them to free the animal and bring it back to their base. The animal, he explained to the soldiers, was meant to live free in the wild, not tied up to a Beduin tent. "This is not the first time that soldiers have saved wild animals," said Kaplan. "The animals that are caught in the wild are usually raised for a few years as pets and then slaughtered and eaten." Deputy Commander of the Netzah Yehuda Battalion, Maj. Tomer Gadot admitted that saving animals was not the IDF's primary and usual job. But, he said, it was important. "We are out here in the field and see things that other people do not," Gadot said. "Since we are already here, it is our pleasure to help when and where we can."