IDF posts new flotilla footage

"They have real weapons, they're firing on us," commandos shout.

IDF youtube  channel 311 (photo credit: YouTube)
IDF youtube channel 311
(photo credit: YouTube)
The IDF Spokespersons Office on Wednesday released new footage  showing Monday's bloody raid of the Mavi Marmara ship.
Several voices belonging to Navy commandos are heard in the most recently released IDF video.
The following is a transcript of the dialogue heard in the IDF clip:
- I need reinforcements here with me
- He wants to pass underneath
- Wait, one is in front of me
- It's coming from all directions
- We need to be evacuated, now
- Tell him that he's close already-
- Real weapons, real weapons (ie.guns)
- They have real weapons?
- Yes, yes, real weapons
- They are firing on us
- There is live fire below
- Live fire below
- Live fire here
- Shoot him where is he?
- Negative
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The IDF previously released footage of the Monday raid, which depicted the activists attacking soldiers with various weapons, including a large metal pole and other metal objects.