IDF reviewing new ‘Magic Spear’ rocket

Israel Military Industries artillery system has unprecedented accuracy, 50km range.

IMI-Magic Spear rocket 311 (photo credit: IMI)
IMI-Magic Spear rocket 311
(photo credit: IMI)
The IDF is reviewing a new rocket system, with unprecedented accuracy and a range of 50 kilometers, that would allow the army to independently provide cover for ground forces operating behind enemy lines and free up the air force to focus on strategic targets.
Developed by Israel Military Industries, the 160 mm. rocket, called “Magic Spear,” is an autonomous surface-to-surface missile guided by a GPS system that, according to IMI, puts it within 10 meters of the target. The rocket, designed to destroy artillery batteries and infantry command posts, was successfully tested several weeks ago in the South.
The missile is fired from a new launcher developed by IMI called Lynx, which is designed to fire a variety of rockets – 160 mm., 122 mm. and 300 mm., which can reach ranges of up to 150 kilometers. The launcher is loaded on the back of a truck and can be reloaded in less than 10 minutes.
“The missile precision of the Lynx is outstanding, deviating from target only 10 meters, even when located 150 kilometers away,” IMI CEO Avi Felder said. The a new rocket system would be operated by the Artillery Corps.
IMI has also developed a new guidance system for grenade launchers that are attached to an infantry soldier’s M-16 rifle. Called an air burst ammunition, the new system gives an infantryman the ability to fire around the corner and over a hill by setting his grenade to burst in mid air.
The new system allows the soldier to choose the mode of action and whether the grenade will explode in mid-air or have a time delay, as well as the target for detonation. This is made possible by a controller that is attached to the clip and allows the user to operate the system without interruption.
A communications unit handles the interface between the sight and the armament, allowing operational data to be broadcast to the grenade launcher.