IDF: Soldiers did not attack MK Barakei

Hadash chairman claims IDF troops attacked him during Land Day demonstration in Hebron.

Barakei 248 88 (photo credit: Knesset )
Barakei 248 88
(photo credit: Knesset )
The IDF on Saturday denied Hadash chairman Muhammad Barakei's claimed that he was attacked by soldiers while taking part in a Land Day event in Hebron. In a statement, the army said that over 50 Palestinians, foreigners and Israelis had entered "a closed military zone" near the Jewish settlement in Hebron. "Initial investigations from commanders currently in the field found that there was no violence carried out against MK Muhammad Barakei," the IDF stated. The Hadash chairman said that when IDF troops had demanded that he and other demonstrators clear the area on Saturday morning, he responded "only Hebron residents have the right to request that, not IDF soldiers and settlers." He claimed that the soldiers attacked him in response to the comment. Land Day is an annual protest by Arab citizens against institutional discriminatory government policies, as well as a commemoration of the confrontations with state security forces that took place on this day in 1976.