IEC, Mekorot told to buy protective suits for non-conventional attack

IEC, Mekorot told to buy

Fearing chemical and biological attacks on Israel, the IDF Home Front Command has issued a directive to national infrastructures companies to purchase active protection full-body suits for their employees so they can continue providing services in contaminated zones. The companies that will be required to buy the suits for their employees will include the Israel Electric Corporation, the Mekorot National Water Company as well as local and regional councils, which are expected to continue providing municipal services following a chemical or biological attack. Last week, OC Home Front Command (HFC) Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan met with representatives from government ministries and major corporations to update them about the new directive. "These companies will need to continue working even after a non-conventional attack," explained Col. Hilik Sofer, head of the Population Department at the Home Front Command. Since the Second Lebanon War, Sofer has overseen the intensive work done by the HFC to prepare the Israeli population for missile attacks. His staff has grown by 100 percent and today includes 25 new officers who have been deployed throughout the country, many of them liaisons with various municipalities and regional councils. Over the last year, the HFC has offered employees of large factories and offices participation in a specially-designed course which trains people on what measures to take in the event of a missile attack. So far, over 2,600 people have participated in the course, during which they also learn how to prepare their workplace for emergency situations and what equipment they require. In addition, the HFC is also planning to provide elementary school teachers with emergency training so they can pass on the information to their students. HFC soldiers already teach a seminar to fifth-graders but the teachers will be asked to begin explaining missile attacks and emergency conduct starting in first grade.