Interior Ministry denies flotilla activists abuse claims

Yossi Edelstein says everyone was treated "with restraint, respect,"; no formal complaints of mistreatment received.

311_commando raid (photo credit: Associated Press)
311_commando raid
(photo credit: Associated Press)
JERUSALEM — Interior Ministry official Yossi Edelstein on Tuesday denied allegations in a UN report that international activists detained during a deadly raid of a Gaza-bound flotilla were abused.
In testimony to The Turkel Committee in Jerusalem Edelstein, who was in charge of processing detainees, said everyone was treated "with restraint and respect." He also said he had received no formal complaints of mistreatment.
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The UN report accused Israel of "extreme and unprovoked violence" against detainees.
Israel detained hundreds of activists after clashes with passengers on board one of the boats in the May assault on the flotilla. Nine activists died in the violence. All foreign detainees were deported within several days.