Iran's UN envoy complains against Israel

Ambassador files complaint claiming Jerusalem threatened to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

peres laughs 248.88 (photo credit: GPO [file])
peres laughs 248.88
(photo credit: GPO [file])
Iran's ambassador to the UN filed a complaint with the Security Council against Israel on Tuesday, claiming that the country plans to attack the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities. Muhammad Hazai wrote a letter to Mexico's Claude Heller, currently holding the council's rotating presidency, insisting that Israel, by allegedly threatening to attack Iran, had violated the UN charter, and called on the international body to respond. Hazai was seemingly responding to recent comments by Israeli officials, including President Shimon Peres and IDF Deputy Chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. Dan Harel, who implied that the state had the military capability to carry out such an attack if it needed to. "[Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad recruits forces against us, but there are also forces against him," Peres said in an interview with Kol Hai Radio on Sunday. Peres went on to say that he hoped US President Barack Obama's call for dialogue with Ahmadinejad would be heeded, but warned that if such talks don't soften the Iranian president's approach "we'll strike him."