Israel developing battlefield robot snake

A robot snake with a camera and microphone in its head is the IDF's latest battlefield weapon, according to a Channel 2 report broadcast Monday. The channel showed video of the snake twisting into caves, tunnels, cracks and buildings, broadcasting pictures and sound back to a soldier controlling it with a laptop computer. The "snake" appeared to be about six feet (two meters) long. Covered by fabric in military camouflage colors, it slithered along the ground and climbed rocks, its segments connected with joints that flexed in several different directions. Channel 2 said military researchers studied real snakes to copy their movements. The report said no price had been determined for the snake, which was in the experimental stage, but the IDF plans to deploy the robot with combat units. No target date was given. The report suggested another role for the robot - carrying a bomb to blow up terrorists or a building. In that case, Channel 2 said, it would be a "suicide snake."