Israel Railways CEO to be indicted

Police allege Ofer Linchevski caused death by negligence in '06 train wreck.

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Police recommended Thursday that CEO of Israel Railways, Ofer Linchevski, along with one of his deputies, Harel Even, be indicted for causing death by negligence for their role in the deadly train wreck at Beit Yehoshua Junction in December 2006 that left five people dead and 80 injured. The driver of one of the two trucks involved in the accident, a local veterinarian who was found to be driving under the influence of a sedative, will likely be charged with manslaughter. In addition, Police will recommend that a number of other Israel Railways employees, including the train conductor and the chief safety officer be indicted for reckless driving and dereliction of duty that endangered lives, respectively. A Central District spokesperson said the findings from the investigation have been passed on to the prosecution. Linchevski, who began his job at the company after his predecessor, Yossi Mor, resigned following two major rail collisions, denied that the train driver could have prevented the crash.