Kabbalist Rabbi Kadouri's life in danger

Rabbi Shlomo Amar is to conduct a prayer gathering at the Western Wall.

kadouri 88 298 (photo credit: AP [File])
kadouri 88 298
(photo credit: AP [File])
Bikur Holim Hospital in Jerusalem reported Sunday evening that Rabbi Yitzhak Kadouri's life was in danger. The kabbalistic sage was admitted in very serious condition earlier in the day to the internal medicine department's intensive care unit. He reportedly suffered from an acute case of pneumonia. Kadouri was unconscious for part of the time. He was artificially respirated and placed under sedation, and although his condition stabilized and his consciousness returned, he took a turn for the worse later in the evening. The rabbi was being treated by Dr. Yosef Kleinman, Kadouri's personal physician and head of the department. Sephardi Chief Rabbi was to conduct a massive prayer gathering at the Western Wall on Monday, to which thousands of followers were expected to arrive, according to Amar's associates. Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger asked for people to pray and recite Psalms for the recovery of Kadouri, whose Hebrew name is Yitzhak ben Tufcha. A few weeks ago, the rabbi was admitted to the same hospital for two weeks while he suffered from complications originating from influenza. The rabbi, who lives in the capital's Bokharian quarter, is over 100 years old. Some have reported him to be 104, 108, or even 113 years old, as his associate, Moshe Nimni claimed. Exact reports of his age were not available.