Lawyers brace for Israel Bar elections

35,000 lawyers will be eligible to vote in the elections.

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Some 35,000 lawyers will be eligible to vote in the elections for the Israel Bar Association's senior officials in late June, including its national chairman and the chairpersons of the four district branches. The attorneys will also elect national and district councils, the Bar's "parliaments." The association is a statutory organization to which every lawyer must belong and pay dues. It drafts and administers the exam that every lawyer must pass to become licensed, and is also responsible for internal disciplinary measures against those alleged to have behaved in ways unbecoming to the profession. Rivalries among top contenders for the post of chairman have become legendary over the years, adding an additional element of suspense and curiosity regarding the outcome of the vote. The following are profiles of the six contenders who have thrown their hats into the ring so far.
  • Ilan Bombach
  • Moshe Weinberg
  • Eitan Erez
  • Shay Segal
  • Yaron Festinger
  • Yori Geiron