Lieberman aims to be surprise of election

The list of candidates that Israel Beiteinu will submit to the central elections committee at the Knesset on Wednesday will be the surprise of the March 28 election, party chairman Avigdor Lieberman said at a party gathering in Neve Ilan on Tuesday. Lieberman convened his party's candidates for a pep talk, and to allow them to get to know one another ahead of the campaign. He introduced the mix of native Israelis and immigrants who make up the list and told them to start working immediately to introduce more voters to the party. "When people ask me whether we are an Israeli party or an immigrant party, I say that we are a party that implements the three main issues of Zionism: aliyah, defending the land and settlement," Lieberman said. "The candidates on the list all have experience with these three issues, and anyone who is Zionist and not post-Zionist can vote for us."