Likud accountant accused of embezzling

Party activist: Woman has terminal illness, needed money for medical expenses.

paying money wallet 88 (photo credit: )
paying money wallet 88
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Police detained the Likud's accountant for questioning on Wednesday, after she was suspected of embezzling millions of shekels from the political party. Reportedly, the accountant's husband and mother were also arrested and questioned for possible involvement in the case. The Tel Aviv District Fraud Squad opened an investigation into the matter after the Likud filed a complaint about the accountant. Police, meanwhile, were gathering documents and other evidence to aid in their investigation. In an interview with Israel Radio, a Likud activist said that the accountant suffered from terminal illness and had even requested a loan from the party. According to the activist, the woman was dealing with a severe financial crisis due to the high cost of her medical treatments. He added that the accountant had worked for the party for over 20 years.