Likud, Israel Beiteinu begin drafting coalition agreement

The Likud negotiating team met with representatives of Israel Beiteinu on Thursday morning, and began drafting a coalition agreement which touched on a number of issues central to the Israel Beiteinu platform. Among the topics addressed during the meeting were the fight against terror, assistance for immigrants, and electoral reform, including making it harder for the Knesset to topple a prime minister, Israel Beiteinu MK Stas Meseznikov said. In addition, the two parties discussed which ministerial committee Israel Beiteinu would chair. "We all know that our current system cannot go on if we want stability," Meseznikov said. However, a number of issues remained unresolved, such as which portfolios the party would be granted, as well as the contentious issues of civil unions, conversions and an oath of loyalty which Israel Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman has said all citizens must accept.