Man arrested for cheating foreign workers

Foreign workers rights activist Nissim Paz and his Filipina girlfriend were arrested about a month ago by the Immigration Police on suspicion they forged immigration documents, swindled clients and encouraged witnesses to lie under oath. Paz, who is also known by his nickname Bambili after the organization he ran, was remanded for six days by Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court. Paz was arrested after the Immigration Police said they collected sufficient evidence indicating that the man who had reportedly referred to himself as the foreign worker's Robin Hood had in fact swindled them and charged them close to NIS 2,000 for forged transit documents. According to the police, Paz would take visas of foreign workers who had left the country, switch the picture and give them to other illegal foreign workers. Paz and his girlfriend rejected the charges against them and refused to cooperate with the police investigation. The police raided Bambili offices late Monday night and confiscated documents and tools allegedly used to forge documents. In addition to the forgery charges, attorneys who worked with the organization also filed a police complaint claiming Paz charged foreign workers $1,000 for court representation but instead of paying the lawyers kept the money for himself.
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