MK Yacimovich: Labor in Netanyahu gov't would not influence reality

Speaking shortly before on the same program, senior Labor MK Shelly Yacimovich expressed her strong opposition to joining the coalition currently being formed by Prime Minister designate Binyamin Netanyahu. "I think that [Labor] sitting in the a government with Netanyahu, Shas, and Israel Beiteinu would not influence reality," she said. "We can achieve things with Netanyahu without being dragged into his government." When asked whether not joining the government would be doing a disservice to those who voted for Labor in order to see Labor chairman Ehud Barak as defense minister, she vigorously rejected the assertion. "I am very sorry, but Labor is not a school for the appointment of ministers," Yacimovich said, adding that the party has had many historical achievements since its past. "I truly see this struggle [of whether to join the government or the Opposition] as the struggle for Labor," she said.