Moderates to weigh in at conference

For the first time ever, the World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos will hear voices from the moderates on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Representatives of One Voice, a moderate, non-partisan organization that has built a coalition among youth wings in all seven of Israel's largest political parties, will speak to the conference from Ramallah, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Thursday. "We're here to tell our leaders that we are fed up with the situation. They should know that we, the people support our leaders and the next step is change. No more excuses and no more delays," said Adi Balderman, one of the speakers at the forum and an event organizer from One Voice. In attendance at the session, which is being chaired by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, will be Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Vice Premier Shimon Peres, together with 2,500 leaders and businesspeople, will be attending the event. "Schwab has been invited to our events in the past and has close ties with One Voice's founder Daniel Lubetzky," said Balderman. One Voice is backed by dignitaries from a broad spectrum of political parties, including Ambassador Dennis Ross, Edgar Bronfman Sr. and Chief Palestinian Islamic Justice Sheikh Taysir al Tamim. The movement was conceived by the US-based Peace Works Foundation.